Data Science at UCSB is the university’s most active engineering and science club on campus. We focus on teaching students the basics of topics in data science such as data visualization, manipulation, predictive modeling, and machine learning. Focusing on R, Python, and SQL, we hope to foster a learning environment for students of all skill levels.

The club is open to students of all grade levels and majors.

Our Officer Team

Executive Team

Brian Lim Amiya Dutta Ishana Narayanan
I am a BS/MS student in Computer Science, and your current acting president of Data Science UCSB. I hope to be able to pass on some of my experience to you all as members of our organization. I’m a fourth year Financial Math and Statistics major with an English minor, and I’m from the Bay Area. I love sushi, frisbee, hiking, and creative writing. I’m a member of DS because I like data analytics, specifically using data to answer questions about trends we see in our daily lives. I’m currently a third-year Computer Science and Statistics & Data Science double major at UCSB, originally from San Jose, CA. I have been involved with Data Science UCSB since my first year, and it has helped me tremendously with growing my technical skills as well as meeting other students/faculty. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, cooking, and grabbing coffee with friends!!

Marketing and Operations

Priyasha Agarwal Katie Huynh Madeline Li
priyasha katie mad
Hi! My name is Priyasha Agarwal and I am a second year Economics & Accounting and Statistics & Data Science double major from the Bay Area! I love dancing and exploring new dessert places (let me know if you have any recommendations!). I joined the Data Science club in order to expand my analytical skills in relation to the real world while surrounded with a like-minded community of people that can assist me in my growth. I am excited to meet all of you this year! I’m a second year computer science major from the Bay Area and a boba connoisseur who loves road trips and exploring new hobbies, reading, and drawing. I joined data science because I love how the field combines both programming and data to improve upon information and communicate that information to the rest of the world. Hi! I’m a third year statistics and data science major from the Bay Area. I joined Data Science UCSB because I wanted to develop my technical skills and find a community of like-minded people. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, reading, and ballroom dancing!


Brian Che

My name is Brian, and I’m in the class of 2023. My major is Stats & Data Science, and I’m from Garden Grove. I love going hiking and want to visit every national park. I joined data science club because I want to hone my skills and collaborate with like minded people in the same field! |

Project Group

Luke Fields Connor Levenson Yanjie(Harry) Qi
connor harry
Hello! My name is Luke Fields. I am currently a 2nd-year Statistics and Data Science Major from Orange County, CA. I like to take in the Isla Vista beaches, as well as seize advantage of everything the beautiful SB area has to offer in my free time. I joined the Data Science club because I saw an opportunity to train my skills in data science in a way I could not do on my own, as well as in a way that would show me the highlights and potential of the data science community at UCSB! I am a third year majoring in Actuarial Science. I grew up in Southern California, and in my free time I enjoy mindlessly scrolling through Reddit and rewatching my favorite episodes of Community. I am passionate about deep learning and want to help others learn about what they are passionate about in this broad subject we call “Data Science.” Fourth year, Statistic and Data Science, from Lanzhou, China; love playing league of legends. Joining Data Science club is one of the greatest things I have done in college. It not only gives me more chances to practice my data science skill but also meet a lot of friends who are also interested in Data Science field!

Intern Officer

Kshitij Agarwal

What’s good everyone, my name is Kshitij Agarwal and I’m a first year Stats and Data Science major from Cupertino, CA. Some things I enjoy are playing sports like Cricket or Badminton, video games like Genshin Impact, and watching anime or reading manga. I joined Data Science club to gain real life data science experience to supplement my learning inside the classroom and to make new friends and join a community of people with similar interests.