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Intermediate and Beginner Pipeline Resources

Past Slides and Notebooks: Review intermediate and pipeline presentation slides and Colab!


Big Data Science & Analytics Bi-Annual Scholarship: $2,000 check made to winner’s accredited university Due: September 1st and February 1st each year
INFORMS Innovative Applications in Analytics: Cash awards of $3000, $2000, and $1000 for the first three teams Due: October 15, 2020

Code Academy: Offers free coding classes in 12 different languages

Kaggle: To explore some data sets and build upon data science

CRML: Slideshows from the 2020 Responsible Machine Learning Summit

Competitions and Programs

Kaggle Competition: Wide variety of competitions to explore your interests

International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO): Bridge the gap between machine learning models and performance bottlenecks of the industry

DrivenData: Data Science Competitions for Social Good: Compete to come up with the best statistical model for difficult predictive problems